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The Sunrisers mission is to provide performers an educational experience through the marching and visual arts. We value and instill dedication, personal worth, discipline and a strong work ethic. We strive to enrich the lives of all our performers while providing the community with an enjoyable, entertaining and unique musical experience.

YOU can help us meet our mission by filling one of these administrative/support positions.   In return -You get to know that you are part of an experience that our members and supporters will carry for their entire lives.  You will build friendships that will last forever!  While on the road with the Corps, we will do our best to assist you with transportation (limited), meals, and entry into shows.

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator: This position is responsible for setting up visits with schools, competitions, and other locations to market the Sunrisers Drum & Bugle Corps to prospective members. This person must maintain the highest level of professionalism as they will be acting as the face of the drum corps.

At these events, the coordinator will work with other volunteers the set-up and staffing of the recruitment table. The recruitment coordinator will be on hand to answer questions about the corps to prospects and their parents. Contact information of prospective members will then be entered in to an excel file and sent to the corpsdata administrator. You will be the link between the Corps and the prospective member (and will sometimes pass on to caption heads) until they contract with us for the season. Constant contact with prospective recruits. You will also work with the current membership with regards to retention. Be part of making the Sunrisers grow!

Corporate Sponsorship/Development: This position will plan and implement strategic funding opportunities with local and national businesses.

Public Relations Assistant:  Support the Sunrisers PR director in the public eye through social media, news outlets, etc.

Quartermaster: This is a position responsible for creating inventory and maintaining a list of all corps assets. From instruments to vehicles. The Quartermaster is responsible for signing out all equipment and ensuring that equipment is in good working order. If equipment is need of repair the quartermaster will work with the director or asst director to have repair made. They will also sign equipment back into inventory when the member returns it to the corps.

Food Services: Food service is what keeps our members together rather than having them head out to a fast food place in the middle of the day to eat less than healthy food. It’s a time where they get to relax and spend some downtime with their fellow members. We are in a need of additional volunteers. Food Service volunteers work under the supervision of a food coordinator. Menus are planned by the coordinator and all the volunteers have to do is follow their instruction. Food Service volunteers are needed every other weekend per month in the off season and every weekend in the summer.
• Shopping and preparing nutritious meals for events, including overnight events
• Maintaining supplies/inventory
• Serving/breakdown
• Water management during rehearsals as well as pre-show warm-ups

Merchandising Volunteers:  You will assist with setting up merchandise for sale at rehearsals, shows, and online.  We are looking for people who really want to help up with branding the Sunrisers image! 

Graphic Designer:  This individual will assist us with designing all flyers and promotional materials.

Corps Photographer: The corps photographer will document through their images the upcoming season for the purposes of promotion and memories!

Truck/Van Drivers: We are looking for several people with clean licenses who are available to drive our equipment trucks and vans.  (buses are leased and drivers are provided). 


Please let us know if you are interested in helping us out this year!  Fill the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible!


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